EDIT: Vacant is on Hiatus. 

1. Do you think Jin did a good job decorating the ship? I think he did okay. Japanese themed framed poster helps. Brings everything together.

2. Hayze looks very stressed out about his cat in panel 3.

3. CHOW CHOW FIST!!! Based off of Grumpy Cat, but I wanted Chow chow to be uglier.

4. Wait. So the Aeon was possibly destroyed? Do I hear a plot twwiiisssttttt? DUN DUN DUN!

5. Sorry for typos. You have no idea how fast I lettered this.

6. I forgot the stars in the window behind Aex. Oh well.

Okay, so I apologize about the long wait. I got really backed up with other things. Hopefully next month I will catch up and be done with Issue 5!

Podcast about this update: http://www.audioshocker.com/2013/05/13/vacant-bits-13-breaking-bad-needs-more-gay