f you are trying to keep up with all the clues, and are trying to solve the mystery before it’s revealed, this is about the time where it’s going to be hard to keep up. Don’t worry, that was a concious decision of mine. My brain almost exploded trying to figure all this shit out. There’s like several diagrams in my binder.

Hopefully it won’t be that bad though. I think I did a good job simplifing the plot. Crossing my fingers. Reason on why I am pointing this stuff out is because once I know there is a puzzle to be solved in a comic, I will obsess over it. Not sure if any of my readers are like that. A lot of people are taking this a lot more seriously than I thought they would. That’s not a self attack comment, but more of a surprise. Because of the writing style I chose, I figured people wouldn’t turn on into the second half of the series.

I am very impressed by some of the things people figured out with only 3 complete issues out. Clearly you are not just mindlessly reading this. You really are getting plot points I never thought would be gathered until at least issue 6.

Extra bonus points to those who can figure out what book the quote is from in this page is from. Even though it’s a little obvious.