The first panel was actually very difficult to draw because I wanted the audience to be able to look through the glass and yet be able to tell where Hayze is. I also had difficulty showing that Hayze was entering the green house and going towards the hallway up at the top. Because you want to read up to down–left to right, it’s tricky to force the eye to move a different way.
I chose to do it this way so that the hallway wouldn’t be drawn at the bottom or right. This set up was just the clearest way to show where and how Hayze is moving through the house. I wanted you to be very aware of how the whole facility looked without having the feeling you’re only seeing a small section of the entire building.
It’s fairly complicated and I’m sure non comic-writers/artists wouldn’t really notice that kind of thing. It bothers me a lot as a reader, though, so I try to be conscious. That’s the biggest issue I have with manga. A lot of manga just doesn’t establish enough background so I don’t know how anything looks or the relation a character has to it’s environment.
Anyway I am sure there are big problems with the layout, especially when he moves from one room to the next, but oh well. I tried.