Volume 1 of VACANT is finally coming to a close. Within the next couple weeks I will be finished, which means that the hiatus will be ending soon. I am estimating by the end of the month.

A few changes to the schedule:

One of the biggest complaints about VACANT is the schedule. The amount of people that dislike it outweighs the people that do, so, I am changing it. It is now going to update once every Tuesday. For now it’ll only be one page, but whenever I have enough pages drawn, I’ll upgrade it to two.

What does this mean for you?

If you liked the monthly update schedule, have no fear. I am still doing the monthly newsletter. SO if you want, you can keep reading the comic as you have thus far, and the newsletter will remind you to drop by the website. To sign up, go to the main website and find “subscribe” on the right menu under the comic.

Because of this new schedule, the comic is going to read a lot slower. If you’re someone who can’t wait, and want to jump ahead, Volume 1 is going to be available to buy at the store within the next couple months. The volume will have all Issue 6 in it. So, it is far more ahead than the online version.

As it gets closer to completion, I will let everyone know.


I did an interview with The Game Fanatics about my artwork. To check it out go to