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Michelle and Heather go over Sherlock, the British TV show, and how it’s ridiculously awesome. They talk about the iffy storytelling in Season 1, and how it’s quickly fixed in Season 2.


A section is dedicated to the infamous Irene Adler, and how she rubbed Heather and Michelle the wrong way in both Sherlock, and the American film, Sherlock Holmes. Why was Irene unsettling and why is she no help to the feminist movement?


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They then, in part 2, do a compare and contrast between Sherlock Homes: A Game Of Shadows, and Sherlock. Obviously Sherlock gets most of the compliments since neither of them were fans of the American adaptions of the book in the first place. Homosexuality and “Noisy” storytelling are two topics that they speak about in detail.

Also, this GIF was mentioned: