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Heather and Michelle Nunnelly start off with a reminder about the VACANT Kickstarter campaign. It’s close to ending but it’s still going… SO PLEDGE NOW! Heather explains the ID card and dog tags incentives for the campaign, and talks a bit about the latest VACANT discussion on Amilova.

Next up, Michelle and Heather ponder the unintentional-but-uncomfortable sexism in Two Best Friends Play. That leads to a conversation about “bad” art and if creators are aware of what they’re doing when they make it.

Then they review Monsters University. Both Michelle and Heather feel that the characters are too stereotyped. Forced into cliché cliques, it’s totally unrealistic that the characters would face this situation as college students.

Finally, they review The Last of Us, a new survival-action game from Naughty Dog, the makers of Uncharted. While they both enjoyed the game, they feel that the developer played it too safe. They finish off the review by comparing it to Jake’s storyline from Resident Evil 6, which isn’t perfect but really fun.