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Commander Hayze: The right hand man of Orphan. He was born on Trauffet from his parents, Allet and Liola. Both were killed when he was an infant in their home. After investigation, L.D.F. failed to find the culprit, and the case went cold. He was then adopted by the Redborn residence and attended public school where he was hated for his disobedient attitude. He was hired by Orphan at the age of 18 to work for The Eye.

Orphan raised him and with that, Hayze became a Commander of his own fleet at the age of 22. Jin Halloe became his partner right after that.

            His species -- The Blue Skin Black Eye:

They are two legged beings that walk on land. Most of them live on water based planets like Everglass. Water improves their immune system and relieves stress. In order to apply a point of reference, humans should drink 9 cups of water a day (2.2 liters). A BSBE should drink 15. They are at a much higher risk of being dehydrated, and when they are, they at risk of death. There have been several reports of victims taken to the hospital for carelessness.

Large amounts of sun cause paleness, dizziness, dryness of the skin, and eyes. Their kind have black eyes to reduce exposure to UV rays. Ways to reduce symptoms include rinsing infected area with cold water.
Their mental structure is durable. They show emotion, but not extremes. You will never see them laugh or cry. If they do laugh, it’s out of social conditioning, not because their fully capable.

For “shoes” they wear knee high foot wear that capsules their legs into highly sustainable fabric improving endurance. At times, the foot wear is made out of metal, but doesn’t need to be. Their feet are very small, much smaller than humans. They can balance on them, believe it or not, without the gear, but can suffer long term consequences such as arthritis. Medical facilities will often donate cheap versions to those too poor to afford it.
Despite this weakness, these beings are much faster and stronger than most two legged species. With appropriate leg wear, they can run twice the speed of the average human. Speed is only one of the reasons why they make talented soldiers. They also have superior body mass—their muscles composed of denser tissue making a lean structure easily accessible. Having a lean structure enables faster, smoother movement, not slowed down by added weight. If an appropriate comparison to human body mass could be made, the appearance of an average human male—one that partakes in daily activity--would have the same strength as a body builder. This fools many beings into thinking that members of the BSBE are weaker than they really are. This is why Commander Hayze looks relatively thin, but is rumored to be one of the strongest members physically in The Eye.  

As far as mating, they have a very specific courting system. Before The Human Reformation, their species could not touch the opposite sex. Period. No matter what. Often, males and females would form different packs and only associate with one another when needed. Even when a female is close to death, a male can not physically touch her. The same goes if gender was swapped.

After The Human Reformation this outlook started to change it's restrictions. Touching is still considered taboo, but females and males can co exist in the same environment. Casual dating is acceptable and even sex, as long as the individual is highly self aware and goes to therapy.

The reason for the precaution is because of what they call "mental ripping". When a male and female touch it communicates physiologically that the other is a potential mate. If enough occurs, both of them will link and become "partners". This proves as a problem in the current society because if this happens, and either partner leaves, this can cause mental damage. If serious enough, the relationship, from this point, can not be repaired.

Humans both idealize and detest this idea. It can easily be mistaken for a very "romantic" idea of courting. Most BSBE would argue that it's more complicated. There will always be a 50/50 chance the relationship they choose will fail.

Tristis is a sickness that occurs when a member of their species undergoes a large amount of stress. Severity differs depending on how traumatic of an event the member is associated with. Symptoms could vary from shaking, watery eyes, blurry vision, sweats, fatigue, nausea, and even death. Most of the time Tristis is easily curable with medicine. Or if they embrace another member of their species. However, times occur where Tristis is fatal and much be alerted to medical attention immediately.

Embracing one of the same species will reduce the symptoms very quickly. Reason being, that there are marks on the BSBE's neck. When they touch, it calms both of them down. This is supposed to be used for mating, but if times are desperate enough, members of the same sex or their mate will come to their aide. If the member is a child, parents will often hug their child. This is not sexual.

Embracing can easily be compared to kissing. Kissing has a wide variety of meaning. You may kiss your father on the cheek, and it would mean very differently then when you kiss your lover. Embracing depends on the situation, but 90% of the time if not acceptable by strangers. Two unrelated members of the species are at high risk of mental ripping if an embrace is done.